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MHCreations scores A+ at Qualys Labs

MHCreations has extensively researched and employed LAMP stack data- and server- security best practises and employ these as standard across our client sites, employing high quality TLS encryption (Qualys grade A+) along with full database and interface encryption as well as high quality session cryptography and using the latest and most secure HTTP headers.

This means our client sites are more secure against attack. Client data - and your customers data - is better protected from snooping, fishing and opportunistic theft. Should a compromise occur, the data will be useless to any third party (and of no resale value).

Our practise is to use established and extremely well peer-reviewed encryption methodology and cryptographic systems, with key and data storage even in line with current banking protocol!

Your data, and your customers data, is safer with us.

Client Services Provided

  • Full and correctly deployed website TLS security
  • Full and correctly deployed database security
  • Full content data encryption both in transit and at rest
  • Full peer-reviewed code based encryption and security
  • Fully secured nightly backups
  • Fully secured website Cookie security
  • Full domain Email security

Is your data secure? -- How do you know?

MHCreations have found in our learning (and continuing to learn as new Best Practises are developed and deployed) and researching, that many websites developed by both large organisations as well as private individuals, fall far short of the high data security standard that should be expected.

The issue is that many websites are built by organisations and/or individuals who know enough to make something work - they have the skill to produce fancy images and mobile friendly interactions, but they know very little of how data should be stored, how security certificates should be deployed or how databases should be managed.

This problem is endemic in an industry where so many designers, coders and website creators run with the approach that "it displays in my browser, therefore it works". Often not realising there's a problem until the data has been stolen, the website has been compromised and the web designer is left closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

This is NOT the way modern secure websites, handling customer data and access should be developed!

MHCreations has reached out to various websites whose large images and smart design hide significant security flaws.

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Offering Third Party Review and Advice

From this, MHCreations now offers independent third party security review, assessment and advice on Best Practise when using the LAMP server stack. with particular focus on TLS certification and data storage security.

MHCreations Can also provide high quality and verified advice for issues relating to a broad range of activities you should (and should not) do when protecting your personal- or your business- data on the wider internet.

We are also fully compliant with the UK General Data Protection Regulations.

Services Provided

  • MySQL database security review (and improvement)
  • Full data encryption both in transport and at rest (LAMP)
  • Complete PHP code base security review (and improvement)
  • Email security advice
  • General database and data overview security guidance
  • Overview website security advice

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Data encrypted at rest

If you have any concerns or issues about your personal- or business- data falling into the wrong hands, please get in touch and we can arrange solutions to suit your needs; from a complete code rebuild to encrypting specific aspects of your data, TLS certification best practise, wi-fi security, email security, data at rest security.

As of February 2018 MHCreations has launched a Twitter channel to highlight websites that do not conform to data security best practises. Follow and be informed when poor practises are discovered.

MHCreations is fully registered with the Information Commissioners Office

MHCreations prides itself on honest and trustworthy business practices and MHCreations is pleased to be fully registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

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