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If you are a newcomer to the internet – in that you’ve used it for years but not yet required it to work for you – perhaps with a new small business venture or community organisation, then MHCreations can provide you with a complete run down on what acronyms will be useful to you, which services you would expect to require and which you should probably avoid, as well as filling you in on how the latest technology is developing and which of these you wouldn’t need, and which you will.

Often a new venture will go along to a web design company who will merrily tell potential clients a series of things it’s a "good idea" to have or which are the "latest" technology and charge appropriately large fees for services and technologies that are either easily superseded or otherwise unnecessary.

MHCreations already has a successful history providing independent background advice to various new start businesses and community organisations, on the details of web hosting, running a website and Search Engine Optimisation.

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Development Advice And Direction

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Perhaps you have an existing website you want refreshed and reinvented? Or your website was created a few years ago and does not conform to mobile compatibility or Search Engine Optimisation? Perhaps you would like to add social media or Paypal / Stripe transactions to your website?

Even if you do have some basic web page design knowledge, a meeting with MHCreations can give you a valuable run down on what’s good and what’s not. With a long and detailed experience in website hosting and server setup MHCreations can also advise if specific quotes are as good as they appear, or if there are unseen issues that could potentially cause problems further down the line.

No matter what the current condition of your website or the code used on it, we can take a look and give you a detailed and independent run down on suggested and recommended improvements. We can also detail the next steps to helping people find your site and move from being your visitors to being your customers.

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* Making the "right decision" does not mean we will be pushing our services on to you as some shrewd sales tactic.
MHCreations prides itself on honest, trustworthy and proven advice.